As I Look in the Mirror… (Leti)

By Letitia Lopez

– As I look in the mirror I see the scars, the scars I have hidden for far too long. It is time to unveil my scars to the world.

-Look at me! You, you, you and you

-I have survived and now I will be the one to erase these scars and heal these wounds

-Do not be fooled by this fragile exterior

-I am stronger than you know and I will be ready for you

-So pay mind and be very careful as I am now the hunter and you my wounded prey

-Unlock my earthly fears and hand them to the heavens.

-and toss the thoughts of you into the atmosphere

-I stand… stoic, but can I, could I, survive without the pain. Could I survive scar..less

-feeling this new rhythm of my heart

-grab my new found freedom and cleanse my soul

-your shadow can now only hide behind my scars

-my self worth is my protector.

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