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LABIO DE LIEBRE (THE LIP OF THE HARE) and the Colombian Conflict

Fabio Rubiano Orjuela’s dark comedy, LABIO DE LIEBRE (THE LIP OF THE HARE), is rooted in the Colombian conflict. These informational boards were on display in the lobby during each performance. Click on the thumbnails below to see the lobby display from LABIO DE LIEBRE (THE LIP OF THE HARE).

A Note from the Director

When I read Labio de Liebre for the first time, it was literally as  “una patada en el estómago,” Spanish for “a kick in the stomach” for several reasons: for telling a story relating to a specific issue in Colombia which could be transferred to similar Latin American conflicts; for showing it without taking a specific position; for being attractive and uncomfortable at the same time, intertwined with some dark comedy— generating a very stimulating product that TPC could bring to life. —Dante Fernando Larzabal, Director of LABIO DE LIEBRE (THE LIP OF THE HARE)

About the Colombian Conflict

In Colombia, there are three military operations that have caused great terror and strife for the country: the Revolutionary Armed Forces, the National Liberation Army and the April 19th Movement (M19). They were not the only subversive movements, but certainly the three that have survived through time. Of the three groups, only the M19 (nowadays known as AD-19: “Democratic Alliance M19”) found its way into legality and participates regularly in political elections. Since the first riots in the early ’40s, as an armed response to the political persecution carried out by the Conservative Party, Colombia has endured a long battle that seems to see an end at some moments, and at other moments, no clear resolution. Despite the efforts made by all sides to find a peace agreement, it has not been possible to meet a political equilibrium to put an end to the rise in Columbian victims; a victim, no matter their ideology, is Columbian. Please see our lobby display for more information. —Hernán O. Galvez