Interviews with Ensemble members from ¡CELEBRANDO THREE YEARS!

tpc-004¡CELEBRANDO THREE YEARS! is a celebration. That’s what we’re going to have… good food, good music and getting together in one place to celebrate Teatro Público de Cleveland [TPC]. We are going to dance until Raymond turns on the lights!
– Pablo Santiago

TPC is a portal, a viewing glass, a front row seat into the world, languages, customs of many Latinos that live right in the Cleveland area that want others to understand that when we speak our language, celebrate our holidays, follow our homeland traditions, we don’t do it to separate us from others or because we are refusing to acclimate to the USA ways, but rather to unite in peace and show appreciation for the gifts we all bring to the communities we call home.
– Blanca Salva

TPC is like a chain link from a necklace – connecting to the community. Through the action of working with TPC, the community can see themselves. We all have the same fears, the same feelings, the same love, the same hate, the same everything. And we are immigrants – some of us left everything behind to come to work hard in this country and I think that the people identify with our stories. They think, they laugh, they cry, they identify. We are the links in the necklace.
– Ernesto Luna Camargo Read More ›