CPT Now Accepting Applications for the Joan Yellen Horvitz Director Fellowship

CPT’s Director Fellow Program Application

Deadline: December 21st, 2014

CPT’s Director Fellow Program is a year-long program for emerging directors of extraordinary potential. Supported by long-time friend of the theatre Joan Yellen Horvitz, CPT initiated this program to address Cleveland’s limited pool of directors with experience in directing new work and to meet the needs of up-and-coming directors.

The program includes assistant directing opportunities, assistant producing opportunities, creating and/or directing original pieces for Station Hope and Pandemonium, and directing a workshop production as part of the 2016 Big Box series, in collaboration with a 2015-2016 Nord Family Foundation Playwright Fellow.

The Director Fellow Program is a mentorship with Executive Artistic Director Raymond Bobgan and Fellows work directly with Raymond and the CPT staff.

Overview of Fellowship

The Director Fellow program is growing and will change each year to fit the needs of the directors and the CPT season. For the 14-15 Season, CPT will select 1-2 Director Fellows. The Fellowship period will be January/February 2015 – January 2016.

Each Fellow will receive $3,000 and engage in a host of activities. This is an overview of activities that past fellows engaged in:

  • Undertook intern work in the office supporting the artistic director and individual productions.
  • Created a work for Pandemonium.
  • Attended Devising Directing Class/Theatre Creation Class (including creation of four scenes).
  • Assistant Directed a CPT production.
  • Directed/Created a short play featured in AtTENtion Span or one of the Elements Cycles.
  • Directed pieces in Big Box, SpringBoard and Leap/Conceive.
  • Directed an original show in the Storefront Studio.

This list will be used as a general guideline in determining the activities for 14-15, but we anticipate tailoring the fellowship to the individual level and needs of the selected fellow.


Director Fellows must have significant available time to work on major artistic projects. Rehearsals and other commitments are typically in the evenings and weekends. The commitment required for the fellowship is equal to directing three shows or more in a nine month period. Director Fellows will have little time to do work at other theatres, and all such work will need to be approved by CPT.

Director Fellows must be a resident of Northeast Ohio.

Selection Criteria and Advice

We are seeking directors of extraordinary potential.

We are not looking for the most accomplished directors. We are looking for directors that have demonstrated ability and have a comprehensive understanding of theatre.

Directors should have a strong curiosity in developing new works. Though experience in devising theatre or work on new plays is not a requirement, an interest and understanding of the development process is critical.

We are looking for people who are fun to work with and have the ability to gather great artists to make great work.

We want to have the largest impact on the community as possible, so we are looking for directors who are at the “right time” in their growth to most benefit from the fellowship.

In noting your strengths and weaknesses, please be thoughtful. If you are awesome at working with actors, have a great sense of narrative, and know how to produce, then you are at the top of your craft and should be mentoring others. We are looking for artists that are truly grappling with the enormity of the craft. We are looking for artists who have interesting weaknesses that this fellowship can address in meaningful ways.

Because this is a mentorship with Raymond Bobgan, it would be helpful if you can be clear about specific qualities in his work that make you interested in being mentored by him as a director.

Applying for the Fellowship

If you would like to be considered for the 2014-2015 Director Fellowship, please follow the application instructions below, and submit electronically to New Play Associate Caitlin Lewins (clewins@cptonline.org).


The selection process may involve interviews. CPT typically notifies all applying artists at the end of the selection process. Applicants are typically notified through a form email. CPT hopes to complete the process by January 31st, 2015.

Deadline for submissions is December 21st, 2014.

Click Here for a Word version of this application.

Click Here for a PDF version of this application.

Director Fellow 15-16 APPLICATION

Deadline: December 21st, 2014

Only email applications will be considered. Send email to clewins@cptonline.org

SUBJECT LINE: state your name and “director fellow application”—for example: Jane Smith, Director Fellow Application.

Body of the email

Please include the following information at the top of the email.

Name ______________________________________________________________



Please include up to three pages for answers to the following (not to exceed 1800 words):

  • TIME: How will you assure that you will have the necessary time to participate fully in the program?
  • WHO: Describe your current state as a theatre artist. What have you learned so far? What strengths give a foundation to your work? What exciting challenges are you facing that you feel this fellowship can help you address?
  • WHAT: What kind of projects are you interested in working on? Do you have an idea of what production you would like to create or direct if selected? 
  • WHY: How do you anticipate the Director Fellowship will impact you as an artist? A bulk of the program involves mentoring with Executive Artistic Director Raymond Bobgan. What do you hope to learn and gain from this relationship? Why is this the right mentor for you? Why is this the “right time” for you to undertake this fellowship?
  • Additional Info: Is there any other information we should know while considering your application?

Attach Supplementary Materials:

The following should be attached as pdf or word doc:

  • Resume (if you have separate artistic and work resumes, please include both)
  • Bio (a 200 word narrative of your resume)
  • References—two references of individuals who can speak in depth about your work and artistry

OPTIONAL Materials:

  • Script: if you have devised work or feel that past playwriting work will strengthen your application, please attach scripts as pdf or word doc
  • Video: if you have video that can demonstrate your skill and artistry please include a link in the body of the email to that video. Please list show information with the link: name of show, location, date, and your role in the production. Also, if you are using vimeo or other such sites and use a password, please remember to give us the password.
  • Photo: if you have photos that can demonstrate your skill and artistry, please include a link to a photo sharing or personal website, or send us photos via dropbox, yousendit, or other such applications.